Environmental Responsibilities and CO2 Reduction

Environmental Commitments

  • Ongoing CO2 emission reduction
  • Recyclable fleet sourcing
  • Improved staff, supplier and client environmental awareness
  • Expansion of home worker network
  • Investment in local and socio-economic CSR

Recyclable Vehicles After extensive research into the market place, Eagles Chauffeurs has chosen the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, S-Class, Viano and VW-Caravelle vehicles as the main fleet vehicles, as tests have shown that all four models are over 75% recyclable – considerably greener than any other vehicles in their class.

Eagles Chauffeurs have given serious consideration to incorporating battery charged vehicles into its fleet, but our subsequent research has convinced us that the future of greener vehicles lies in the hands of the manufacturers of these vehicles and the producers of more energy-efficient fuel.

Low Emission Rates

After working closely with all our major clients, we have managed to reduce drivers’ “dead mileage” by 15% over the last two years, simply because our vehicles rarely have to travel more than one mile to arrive at their next pick-up point. The emissions are lower than those of our competitors who, owing to their smaller fleet sizes, often need to travel several miles between jobs. This has led to a reduction of greenhouse emissions by 15%, which equates to approximately 4000 tonnes in one year.
Eagles Chauffeurs are working rapidly to make further cuts in vehicle emissions. We currently have a three-way plotting system for our drivers. That means it will reduce distance to pick-up point by an average of 50% and will save approximately 150 miles per day. This was one of the biggest breakthroughs for Eagle Chauffeurs this year. Due to the increased volume of work, we are now working on the four-ways plotting system. That will reduce even more dead mileage for our drivers.

The Last Two Years Breakthrough
We have saved an impressive 200+ miles per day for the last 22 months. With the addition of a new software upgraded to our allocation system, that allows drivers conducting their last job in their shift to be allocated a journey in the direction of their home address.

This massive reduction, without a doubt, makes us the most efficient Private Hire Fleet in London.

Eagles Chauffeurs aims to reduce its CO2 emissions to 0% and fully electric by 2025 (the Government’s new deadline). We have more than enough time to achieve an average 2.5% CO2 reduction per year to meet the targets. We are more than confident that we will achieve this as well.


Eagles Chauffeurs commits to procure goods from sustainable sources. Also, specifically to increase the proportion of timber and paper products obtained from certified, well-managed forests and through recycling. Additionally, Eagles Chauffeurs’ prospective suppliers are expected to provide an environmental overview of their business operations before being considered.

Eagles Chauffeurs recycles over 80% of all its office waste and is looking to improve these figures to 100%.